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IST’s commitment to quality has been since our foundation. The quality focus and assurance


A high quality software product


At InfoStairs Technologies, we

IT Infrastr

Building - Area - Accommodate

Why InfoStairs

For Experience and Agility


Custom Software

has a long experience in development of custom solutions. We stand out against

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Managed Data

At InfoStairs we understand the task of managing technical challenges while

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Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a new model of IT service delivery. Processing, storage,

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On Site/ Off Shore

InfoStairs provides companies with a full range of onsite, offsite, and offshore

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It Consulting

There are times when you either don’t have the time or the resources to take on major software development or IT projects. However, you also realize that these projects are critical to your organization's success.
For years, InfoStairs has been designing, implementing and maintaining healthcare management software solutions that help healthcare organizations save time, control costs, maximize productivity, and maintain the highest quality of care for their customers and patients.
More than most industries, the financial sector relies on IT solutions for success. A robust and scalable IT infrastructure is a critical component to any organization.


Are you ready to deal with increased business complexities and challenging customer expectations? Many businesses experience diverse challenges in their endeavor to stand out in the competition. However, today's business environment help those who act fast with great efficiency. Enterprise resource planning (EPR) allows you to manage the business and other back office functionalities.
Winning your customers is the key of massive success for your business. Healthy customer interaction determines the growth of your business.

Three Letters For Successful Business: "CRM" What makes your business successful? Great business minds, motivated staff, customer centricity and all with the unique idea. This idea is CRM and the right CRM solution for your business. InfoStairs's CRM solution is the best customer relationship management solution that tailored to your needs to make you move fast on the path of success glory.

Enagagement Models

This model is efficient and suitable when project requirements

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Managed service model in an organization includes

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Built operate transfer model, the name itself

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Now a day’s business environment is spreading

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